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The mission of the Colorado Issues Research Center is to research civic and political engagement in Colorado by individuals and groups as well as to provide research services to the academic community and the community at large.
Research services come in various types: polls, focus groups, economic impact studies, program assessments, demographic analysis, and consulting.

Types of surveys

behaviors...citizen opinions...citizen marketing needs effectiveness...issues saliency...transportation

Program assessment

Program assessments are often applied to a training situation or a new program meant to achieve particular outcomes. The effectiveness of the training or attainment of goals can be investigated.

Focus groups

This research method can be used with or without surveys to help better understand the perceptions  of targeted groups—certain clients, gender, age, ethnicities, frequent/infrequent users.

Economic impact studies

What are the effects of a policy, program, project, activity or event on the economy of a given geographic area or community?

Demographic analysis

Demographic studies identify market segments based on certain characteristic such as age, gender, income, education, location.


Are there local issues of concern to your organization? Are these issues amenable to polling and study? Assistance in measuring specific behaviors or attitudes; determining relatedness and correlation of important variables.